About us

TD MEDIA company is managed by the team of Typhoon Digital Development Fund which has considerable experience in the development and operation of complex high-loaded technology systems. It has expertise in the field of Deep Learning and BigData technologies. It is one of the recognized leaders in working with Internet traffic and search engine optimization. Under the management of the TDD Fund there are about 10 multi-profile digital projects in the following fields:

Mobile advertising
BigData management
Video advertising
Traffic management
Social gaming
Startup Acceleration
Our strategic priorities include building long-term relationships with partners who receive a full range of specialized services for monetization of Internet sites and offline sites.
At your service specialists with proven track record of success at large telecommunications and IT-companies. Implementation of the most complex media and interactive projects is carried out with 24/7 technical support.
We apply all modern technologies: SMS, USSD, WAP, IVR and others in order to implement and monetize your projects quickly and correctly.